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The Philosophy behind Nauticat

The secret behind the Nauticats is quite simple-the demanding Nordic climate and good taste. Finnish craftsmanship and the experience gained in building almost 3000 Nauticats have resulted in yachts admired amongst discerning yachtsmen all over the world. The Nauticat range of yachts today is divided into two distinctive groups. The traditional ketch rigged motorsailers and the pilothouse sailing yachts. The traditional motorsailers like the Nauticats 331, 38 and 441 offer you traditional looks and still very modern cruising abilities. The pilothouse yachts, the Nauticats 321, 351, 37, 385, 42, 515 and 525 were designed with high performance under sail in mind, never forgetting the traditional Nauticat qualities and values .

No matter the size or type, Nauticats have common qualities.They all provide the vision required to command the yacht from inside or outside. The pilothouse of a Nauticat offers all around visibility. The pilothouse also offers shelter from burning rays of sun as well as from the freezing wind. That's why a Nauticat is suitable for both the Caribbean area as well as the climate in Finland or Alaska. The Nauticats are famous for their comfort, spaciousness and reliability both under sail and power. At the yard we think that there are no shortcuts to quality and therefore we are dedicated to upholding our reputation for building elegant and individual yachts to highest standards based on our own experience.A Nauticat always carries you graciously at high speed, anywhere and in any conditions.

A Nauticat is built and designed in Riihikoski,and the  complete production and design process take place at Riihikoski from the first drawings until a complete yacht ready for delivery.

Typical Nauticat safety and construction features

A Nauticat is laminated by hand and by using single-skin lamination with unidirectional fibres to secure a strong and good lamination of deck and hull and the NGA gelcoat is brushed on the hull.  The deck and hull of a Nauticat is connected  by an aluminium toerail which is bolted through the deck and hull. The internal bulkheads are also making the complete construction strong by connecting the deck, hull and interior to one unit. The deck construction in itself is designed with a anti-slip surface or a traditional laid teak deck which is both screwed and glued to the deck.

The keel of a Nauticat is made out of lead(with the exception of the long keel Nauticat 441) and the lead keel is as standard connected to the mast offering therby lightning protection of the boat. The Nauticat is equipped with a very comprehensive longitudal and transvers bottom stiftening system for the rigg, keel and engine forces.

The rudder of a Nauticat is always eguipped with a skeg in order to make the rudder construction safe and strong. .

A Nauticat is designed for comforatable and safe cruising and the fuel tanks and capacity of water is already as standard measured for extensive cruising. The Nauticats are very often somewhat overpowered in terms of  engine output in order to give the Nauticat excellent motoring capability when needed.  


When choosing a Nauticat you have the possibility of individualising your next boat to an extent not seen at other yards or in yachts of similar size. We have a in-house design team and our crew encourages to fulfil your dreams. Since all work is carried out at the yard in Riihikoski the yard can be very flexible in the building process. We are also aware of the fact that individualising of the yachts needs on the spot discussions and that's why most of our clients visit us several times during the building process. First the boat is only existing on a piece of paper or on a computer screen, but step by step the dream comes true!