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The story of the yard

Nauticats are built by Nauticat Yachts Oy in Finland. The yard is situated 40 kilometres from the city of Turku in Southwest Finland. The company has been building yachts over 45 years and today both administration and production facilities are concentrated to Riihikoski. The company has an international chain of skilful and experienced dealers that takes care of world-wide nauticat sales and service.

The story begins in late 1950´s when we moulded our first small fibreglass boats. In 1966 we were asked by some local sailors to build a comfortable 10-meter motorsailer with a proper pilothouse. The Nauticat 33 was born and the designer of this yacht was the Finnish engineer W.Aarnipalo. The general hull form was nothing exceptionally new , it closely resembled to sturdy Nordic designs often seen battling their way across a stormy Baltic or bedecked with flowers and good cheer during celebrations under the midnight sun. As the popularity of the Nauticat 33 soared and the company grew, a demand for larger boats was the natural result. The Nauticat 44 & 36 both designed by W.Aarnipalo later accompanied the Nauticat 33. Through international co-operation another motorsailer the Nauticat 38 was born in 1975. Even some motorboats, and a small motorsailer, the minicat 25, were built by the yard and until 1980 also a 7,5 m long keelboat called GT-kryssare was in the product range. 

At the beginning of the 1980´s the Nauticat 52 was launched. It was the largest yacht to date built by the yard, and the 52 was later replaced by the Nauticat 521 and this exceptional offshore yacht got smaller sisters called 43 and 40. All three yachts came from the drawing board of Sparkman & Stephens. These yachts were quite different from the traditional Nauticats in sense of both design and performance. These yachts were the first steps in the direction of pilothouse sailing yachts that were to be introduced later. The pilothouse was lower than earlier, the hulls were more sailboat like and the entrance was in the cockpit and not from the pilothouse sides as earlier. The 521, 43 and 40 were designed with ocean crossings in mind and this could easily be seen when having a look at for instance fuel-and water tank capacities. For some time at the beginning of the 80´s the yard even produced ordinary sailboats, the Nauticat S-series, like the S-300, the S-320, S-340 and S-380. The S-300, 340 and 380 had earlier been called Finnsailer and they were renamed Nauticats when Nauticat Yachts bought the moulds and the rights for these fine yachts. 

At the end of 1986 the yard launched an own design that became successful overnight, the Nauticat 35. The boat started a totally new era at the yard, since all yachts starting with the 35 have been designed by Kaj Gustafsson. Now even more attention was put on creating yachts with better sailing performance than earlier and still not loosing the traditional Nauticat values as the cosy wooden interior, close warm pilothouse, and safe and good overall performance. The 35 was the first Nauticat in the range of pilothouse sailing yachts, and she was offered with sloop rigging as standard. Earlier the ketch rigging had been the traditional Nauticat way of rigging the boats. The size and accommodation of the aft cabin on a Nauticat 35(1) is still in the lead of yachts in this size.

Encouraged by the success of the 35 the yard and the designer Kaj Gustafsson launched the Nauticat 32 in 1990. This was the smallest Nauticat ever built with the pilothouse concept and this yacht became exceptionally beloved all around the world. With various rigging and keel alternatives the 32 has been adapted for different markets and needs.

In 1990 the yard took over a motorboat manufacturer called Oy Flipper Ab and for a short time the yard produced besides the Nauticats Flipper motor boats.

Once again more weight was put on better sailing performance. During the recession in Finland in 1993 the yard and its designer and now managing director Kaj Gustafsson introduced the Nauticat 39. This yacht embodied the yard's new philosophy. More sailing area, better performing hulls under sail and more efficiently shaped keels and rudders. This yacht became an immediate success and she was in 1995 followed by the Nauticat 42 which offers the same concept as the 39 . The 42 was warmly welcomed by a broad audience. The 42 is well adapted for different environments and needs. The boat immediately found happy and proud owners in both Europe, the United States and Asia.

At the end of 1996 the first Nauticat 515 was delivered. This good looking yacht is a unique combination of performance, safety, comfort, style and power. The 515 is our first centre cockpit yacht and she is designed for ocean crossings. The 515 can also be built with an open Mediterranean style cockpit.

In 1997 we modified our "Grand old Lady" the Nauticat 33, that also earlier had gone through significant modifications since her birth at the end of the 60´s. The 331 got a totally new hull and deck and was renamed Nauticat 331. This yacht is offered with two new keel versions 1,48 m or 1,65 m draft. She is rigged as a truly classics should be, as a ketch. The 331 has a legendary reputation to sustain and this yacht offers superior comfort and handling in the category-traditional motorsailers.

In 1999 we developed our successful and beloved Nauticat 32, and this yacht was renamed Nauticat 321. The Nauticat 321 has that distinctive Nauticat looks and is a harmonious combination of performance and style. She is equipped with a 40 HP engine as standard and is offered with several keel and rigging options.

In 2002 we launched a completely new design, the Nauticat 37. The yacht was designed by father & son, Kaj and Patrik Gustafsson, and the Nauticat 37 set new standards in the category; pilothouse sailing yachts under 40 feet in 2002.

Encouraged by the success created by the Nauticat 37, the new 385 was introduced in 2005. The Nauticat 385 replaced the legendary Nauticat 39. Our mission, which was not simple, was to create a new yacht, that would be in every detail superior to the Nauticat 39. Kaj , Patrik and our skilful workforce managed to design a yacht that in every aspect will satisfy even the most demanding sailor.

In 2005 we also introduced the Nauticat 351, which is an improved version of the Nauticat 35. What is new in comparison with the 35 is a completely new deck design, new keel and rudder, and bottom strengthening framework.

Early in spring 2009 the new Nauticat 441 was presented at the boatshow in Düsseldorf and soon after in Helsinki. The 441 is the largest yacht in our range of traditional motorsailers.This classic motorsailer is now after significant modifications including a new deck and new shape on aft section of the hull ready to sail with full speed ahead.  

In summer of 2010 the new stunning Nauticat 525 was launched!